Worship Video Archive

It may take several hours for the live-streamed video to show up on this archive page.  Please keep checking back.
Thank you.

The Worship Service on March 5th was not live-streamed well due to internet issues.  The recorded version which is made as a back-up for the live-streaming recorded without sound, thus a recording of this service is not available.

If you are unable to find a recording of a live-streamed event on this page please check our YouTube Channel here for recorded videos and archived live-streamed events.

Live Streamed Videos – Sanctuary

Live Recorded and Live-Streamed Videos – Contemporary service
We suspended live-streaming/recording our Contemporary service
from January to September 2022.
Beginning Sunday, September 4th, 2022 we are live-streaming our Contemporary services held in the Chapel.  Click here to go to our Grace Comtemporary Facebook page to watch live or view services starting in September, 2022.
Bulletins for Live-Streamed Services from the Sanctuary
For pre-recorded worship videos and resource documents prior to live streaming
(May 23, 2021) click on the button below for a list of video links.