Easter Flower Memorials

In memory of my husband Wayne Spring from Pat Spring.

In honor of our daughters and grandchildren given by Marvin and Marian Rogge.

Given in loving memory of both our parents, Fred & Edna Rogge, and Willard and Blanch Robison by Marvin and Marian Rogge.

In loving memory of Bettye P. and JoAnn C. Yanchisin from Neal Yanchisin.

To the glory of God given by BJ & Mary Jamison.

In loving memory of Louis Romero from Naomi Romero.

Dedicated for good retirement 2021 (Dwight Fillmore), love given by Dwight and Karen Mary Fillmore and Family.

Given in memory of my mother and father Dick and Polly West and my sister Pam West by Susan Meuller.

In honor of Leo Borns from his Family.

Dedicated for my parents Burrell and Eva Oblander and Leonard and Mary Noblitt given by Phyllis Noblitt.

In memory of Al and Jane Grinslade, John and Marie Tontz, Margaret Courington, and Tony Di Nallo from Betsy Grinslade and Kay Padgham.

In loving memory of those past who have inspired my life; in honor of those present who bless my days.  Given by Kay Fine.


Dedicated in memory of my husband, Gary Bruce Oiler, our parents, Alice Marie and Clarence E. Bope, Sr., and Bernice and Rodney Oiler, Gary’s sister, June Rinehart, and my sister, Betty Jean Cotterman by Alice Oiler.

Given in honor of our grandchildren, Nathan, Lincoln and Peyton; in memory of our parents by Barbara and David Dorway.

To our dear mothers, Kathryn Kenyon and Ruth Strassner: always missed and forever loved.  Given by Linda and John Strassner.

Given in memory of our sister, Anna Goodridge by Ron and Marian Eyer.

In loving memory of our grandparents, parents & brothers John Smythe Stuhmer & Gilbert Roy Hefner given by Jim and Ellen Stuhmer.

From the Staff of Grace Presbyterian, have a blessed Easter